About us

The company was established in 2022 by a young and experienced engineer who, together with his longtime friends and associates, decided to launch another new successful project. All of them are experienced engineers with at least 15 years of experience.

Author of the whole project is the owner and director an MSc Mech. Eng. Đuro Božanović, behind whom is a lifelong experience and several different successful realized companies with specific niches in the industry. The last company that started as a startup back in 2016 – MONS MULTIFIDUS d.o.o. Zagreb, Croatia, today has about 200 workers working on projects around the world.

All the knowledge and experience gained from these companies are incorporated in Mons Multifidus Energy GmbH.

Mons Multifidus Energy GmbH company is active and operating on the EU and USA market working on projects such as power plants (energy projects), petrochemical, wooden industry, various industrial plants, etc. At the moment company is promising and in the field of erection and installation of the industrial plants.

Besides project and site engineering team, the company has direct productive manpower which consists of supervisors, foremans, fitters, pipe fitters and welders.
Our workers are trained to operate in the most demanding conditions and in accordance with the required standards.
Company encourages employees to obtain further specialized training in welding and quality control and to attend professional seminars and workshops to become additionally trained in various areas of business & management, computer science and foreign languages.
We also provide a number of internal trainings to provide our welders, fitters and pipe fitters with knowledge and skills required to work on highly complex projects.


Other than developing new markets for the installation of steel structures, pipelines, plants and equipment, the company plans to invest in expanding its offer to address the requirements of both the existing and new business partners even better and more effectively.

The owner and founder together with his closest team has the idea and desire to develop the company to higher levels than any of his past projects.. 

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