Battery factory for CATL
in Arnstadt in the industrial area at Erfurter Kreuz

Europe's largest battery cell plant is currently being built at the Erfurter Kreuz.

In six production lines, lithium-ion batteries will be produced according to the latest processes for electric vehicles of a large German automobile company.

Our part of job is to build pipelines to cool the machines.

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VW Heizkraftwerk
Nord-Süd Wolfsburg

At the "Heizkraftwerk Nord/Süd" power station, we have replaced the coal-fired boilers by a combined-cycle (gas and steam turbine) system and three hot water boilers.

These facilities are generating about 136 megawatts of electric power and about 386 megawatts of heat energy.

Two combined-cycle units are installed in the current coal storage area next to the "Heizkraftwerk West" power station and are generating about 288 megawatts of electric power and about 265 megawatts of heat energy.

The new high-efficiency gas turbines installed at the Wolfsburg power stations will durably reduce carbon dioxide emissions for heat and power generation by about 1.5 million tonnes per year. 

Mons Multifidus - VW Heizkraftwerk Nord-Süd Wolfsburg
DREWAG Heizkraftwerk Dresden - Reick

The power plant features Wärtsilä 31SG gas engines and delivers up to 90 MW of electrical as well as 84 MW of district heating output for the city of Dresden.
With this flexible CHP gas engine plant, DREWAG is investing in the highest level of efficiency and emission control systems to supply safe, clean, and affordable energy, while further committing to a higher share of renewable energy sources.

Engines which are operating on natural gas are extremely flexible and have the highest efficiency on the market.
Engines are capable of reaching full output from start-up in maximum five minutes and synchronize with the grid in less than 30 seconds to provide immediate balancing of the grid

Mons Multifidus - Dresden

April 2022 - EGGER LLC, Lexington, NC, USA
- Maintenance in the chipboard plant

April 2022 - Heizkraftwerk (Wärtsilä; 4 engines), Gorizia, Italy
- Prebafabrication and erection of piping

April 2022 Present - Heizkraftwerk (Wärtsilä; 3 engines), Pionbino, Italy
- Prebafabrication and erection of piping

April 2022 Present – Chemipark Leuna, DOMO integrated production of caprolactam, Germany
- Dismantling of the ammonium sulphate plant, installation of steel structure,pipelines and support for the installation of ammonium sulpfate plant, necessary maintenance of heat exchangers, vessels, valve pumps, pipelines

May 2022 - Present BMW Baterie produktion, Parsdorf Germany
- Prebafabrication and erection of piping

May 2022 - Present HKW Reuter, Berlin Germany
- Disassembly and assembly of the washe

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